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Here are just a few of our recent projects. Please click on the images to enlarge.

Kit Car

As you can see we started the vehicle with nothing other than a bare shell which we had to transform into what it is now.
We started with making the carpets they were black with red welting then we covered the inspection tunnel with a red vinyl matt and had to add the handbrake and gear gaitor to finish the floor off.

Then we had the problem of working out the side panels which was achieved very easily as you can see from pics.

We built the seats and covered them with a red vinyl and black piping the car was supposed to have a early hot rod feel and i think we definitely achieved that see pics to see what you think.

Porsche 911T

We removed the dash board from the vehicles and had to repair all the cracks and splits in the old plastic, once it was all prepped up the dash was then covered with a lovely black leather and had red top stitches to form the shape.

The front seats had to have the frames welded and the I had to re foam them to bring them back to life and finally recovered with a top quality red leather with black piped edges and fluted centres.

The back seats had to be rebuilt and covered red leather with black piping. The car was carpeted with a supper wool carpet and all welted with red leather.

Audi A6

The Audi retrim has been done in black leather we specialize in up grading modern inters from cloth to leather or half leather
Or if it just needs a bit of tlc to bring it back to life.

1936 Bentley

1936 Bentley on this rear model I had to make up and fit a new hood, made from double duck all from scratch as the old one had fallen to bits as it had been sat in a barn in the USA for the last 40 years. I also made up and fitted a headlining to the hood but we don’t think it had one in their when it was built so we had to be a bit creative.

Ariel square 4

On the Ariel square 4 we had to make a custom made tonneau cover to keep the rain out of the side car I all so made a new seat in the side car as the old one had fallen to bits. I had to replace some of the wood work on the seat frame. Then it was resprung and recovered with a fluted vinyl.

R1 Motorbike

R1 we cover all modern bike seats such as this R1 in the photo.

I often lower or raze bike seats so the rider gets a better ride height or can reach the floor if the bike is to big for them.